STUDIO: The Healers Series

Mix Media and Collages

A gentle touch, soft music, dew on grass, Earth’s flowing waters, even our faith in religion; all become healing aspects, when we seek it. The Healers series began in 2003, during a period where I needed to express my personal journey, while serving my family and community, towards our own healing. By using images of my body and various interpretations of hearts, I was able to manifest my goal.

The Healers created during 2017/13 became a fun and liberating exploration. The fragmented spaces, shapes and colors, lead me thru a passage where imagined unknown female images, icons and symbols, were born. Although the colors and shapes collided, they all became harmonious. These images soon took a life of their own and assumed individual healing characters. Some became regal, others saintly, as they merged into reflections of hope: healers of polluted rivers, oceans, air, the celestials and our body and soul. They challenged me towards new discoveries of imaginary possibilities where healers can now mend our global needs.

(Selected Giclee prints of Healers are available for sale. If interested please contact the artist for additional information)